Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time we get a question regarding the use of service. If you have a question or a suggestion you would like to see on this page, then please email us at

Will I get charged a booking fee?

No, booking through is completely free, we will never charge you for using the service.

Can I book by telephone ?

Unfortunately we do not offer a telephone booking service, all bookings must be done online.

Is it safe to book online ? uses SSL (secure sockets layer) technology to ensure that the details that you enter are encrypted, and all data that you enter is safe.

Who do I pay ?

Your credit card details are used by the hotel that you are booking at to secure the reservation. The terms and conditions for payments and cancellation charges are set out by the individual hotels.

How do I amend or cancel my reservation ?

You will need to contact the hotel directly to amend or cancel your booking. If you need your reservation number, you can retrieve this by loggin into the My Bookings area.

I have forgotten my password

You can retrieve your lost password by clicking on the Forgotten Password link under the login box. Your password will then be emailed to the password that we have stored in your profile.

Why am I unable to book a single night at weekends at some hotels

Some hotels set a 2 night minimum stay length at the weekends. If you select a date that is a Friday or Saturday, you may find that the hotel will only let you book for Friday & Saturday night, or Saturday & Sunday night.