Spiced Cane

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  • Use it like rum, it is designed to be drunk on its own, mixed with coke or in a great mocktail
  • Blends of complex flavours and botanicals create a warming spice with hints of cinnamon, lemon, vanilla and ginger
  • Best served in a tall glass, over ice, topped with coke and a slice of fresh lime
  • Makes the perfect Non Alcohol Rum & Coke

This Non Alcoholic Spiced Rum is the perfect solution for those who crave the taste of rum without the alcohol. Distilled from powerful, warming spices, this light and refreshing drink has a complex flavour profile of cinnamon, lemon, vanilla, and ginger.

Whether you drink it neat, mixed with your favorite cola, or in a delicious mocktail, it's the perfect accompaniment to any social gathering. Best served over ice in a tall glass topped with cola and a lime slice, your friends and family will love this alcohol-free alternative. Create unforgettable moments with Non Alcoholic Spiced Rum.

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